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Alive Media delivers AV design, integration, and installation solutions across industries including education, houses of worship, corporate businesses, healthcare, entertainment, nonprofit, and government entities.

Mount Hermon

Services Provided: Auditorium Audio and Acoustics

An aging sound system led to an acoustics overhaul in this rustic auditorium nestled in the Redwood Forest. We installed high-quality speaker replacements to provide consistency between both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Mount Hermon self-installed premade acoustic panels with a design layout and installation instructions provided by Alive Media.

Venue Size:
Inside ~600 people | Outside ~300

Technology Solution:

  • d&b xS Series
  • Primacoustic Broadway Panels
Fremont Presbyterian Church

Services Provided: Sanctuary and Community Life Center Upgrades

Over a five-year span, including major projects in 2016 and 2021, aging equipment in both primary worship venues at Fremont Presbyterian Church received a complete overhaul. Alive Media added video streaming support from the primary teaching venue in the sanctuary to the Community Life Center, which now serves as a video venue. Upgrades included updates to the PA systems, audio consoles, wireless systems, projections systems, AVL infrastructure, intercom systems, lighting upgrades, video system overhauls, and the addition of camera systems for both rooms.

Venue Size:
Sanctuary ~700 people | CLC ~500

Technology Solutions:

  • d&b V Series
  • d&b Y Series
  • d&b xS Series
  • d&b xC Series
  • d&b M Series
  • Fabric Wall Acoustics
  • Ace Backstage Custom Plates
  • Middle Atlantic BGR Series Racks and Accessories
  • Shure QLXD Wireless
  • RF Venue Antenna Distribution
  • Allen and Heath Avantis Consoles
  • Z Cases
  • Panasonic 3-DLP Projectors
  • Panasonic PTZ Cameras
  • Panasonic Broadcast Camera
  • Blackmagic Designs
  • Clearcom
  • Chauvet Rogue R2X Spot
  • Chauvet COLORado Batten 72X
  • Da-Lite Screens
  • Chief Mounts
  • Yamaha VXC Speakers
  • Audix Micro Series Microphones
Stanford University

Services Provided: Dinkelspiel Auditorium Soundscape System

Alive Media worked with the Stanford University Music Department, d&b audiotechnik, and Audio West to install d&b Soundscape systems to allow object-based mixing and acoustic room emulation for separate audience and stage zones. For this project, we participated in a significant overhaul of the room’s AV infrastructure. This included the creation of an AV equipment rack room, running over a mile of cable and associated custom wall plates, installing approximately 2000 square feet of acoustic absorption, room and stage microphones with remotely-controlled height adjustment, and assistive listening, wireless mics, and other miscellaneous audio system upgrades.

Venue Size: 710 people

Technology Solutions:

  • d&b Soundscape
  • d&b T Series
  • d&b V Series
  • d&b xS Series
  • d&b xC Series
  • Fabric Wall Acoustics
  • Ace Backstage Custom Plates
  • Middle Atlantic BGR Series Racks and Accessories
  • DPA Microphones 4011C
  • Servoreeler
  • Yamaha Rio3224-D2
  • Shure ULXD Wireless

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Valley Children’s Healthcare

Services Provided: Large Conference Room Voice Lift

“We don’t want to have to wear mics while we present, and we want the freedom to move around a bit.” This is what Valley Children’s Healthcare requested from Alive Media for their acoustical upgrades. By installing three ceiling microphone arrays and the needed processing behind them, we gave this client the flexibility to clearly communicate from the front of the room without the constraints of wearing or standing behind a typical microphone.

Venue Size: ~350 people

Technology Solution:

  • Shure Microflex Advance Array Microphones
  • Biamp Tesira Processing
Self Help Federal Credit Union

UServices Provided: Branch Community Rooms Updates

Self Help Federal Credit Union needed standardized AV systems in their branch community rooms for internal meetings and community group uses. Alive Media provided simple-to-operate audio, video, and control systems for non-technical users and easy management by the IT department.

Venue Size: ~150 people per venue; 3 rooms and counting

Technology Solutions:

  • Extron Control
  • Extron Video 
  • Extron Audio
  • Shure QLXD Wireless Microphones, 
  • NEC P Series Projection
  • Middle Atlantic DWR Equipment Racks
  • Middle Atlantic L5 Series Lecterns
  • Da-lite Projection Screens
  • Listen Technologies Assistive Listening Systems 
  • Ace Backstage Custom Plates
River City Christian Church

Services Provided: Sanctuary Acoustics

After a planned remodel of their existing worship center to include additional bleacher seating, River City Christian Church requested an acoustics upgrade from Alive Media. The room’s many large flat wall surfaces were causing significant reflections of the new PA system into the audience seating. Alive Media installed approximately 2,700 square feet of wedge diffusion/absorbers on all walls to help lower the reverberation time of the room and reduce primary reflections from both the stage and PA system.

Venue Size: 1200 people

Technology Solution:

  • Perdue Acoustics EconoWedge
William Jessup University

Services Provided: Gymnasium Acoustics

The live acoustic environment of the William Jessup University gym was causing communication issues for athletics coaches during practices. To solve this issue, Alive Media installed approximately 2,700 square feet of two-inch lapendary panels to the gymnasium ceiling, lowering the room’s reverberation time and allowing for increased clarity of communication. 

Venue Size: 1018 people

Technology Solution:

  • MBI Lapendary Panels
Calvary Monterey

Services Provided: Camera System Upgrade

Calvary Monterey requested an upgrade to its existing camera system, which included a transition to wireless and battery-operated systems to accommodate the infrastructural limitations of its spaces. Using custom-fabricated camera pedestals and camera accessory packages designed for battery operation and wireless video transmission, Alive Media delivered this full-flexibility solution for Calvary’s camera positionings.

Venue Size: ~450 people

Technology Solutions:

  • Acebil Hardware
  • Blackmagic Design Video Assist
  • Camvate Hardware
  • Gen Energy Batteries
  • Hollyland Cosmo C1 Wireless Video
  • iKan Hardware and Cables
  • Juicebox Batteries
  • Manfrotto Hardware
  • Tilta Hardware and Cables
  • Tilta Nucleus-M Camera Controls
Sacramento History Museum

Services Provided: Entry Projection Upgrade

A large thirty-foot entry wall at the Sacramento History Museum required a visual statement. The museum tried projecting on the wall with a small business-class projector, but it was not bright enough. Alive Media helped the museum install a large venue 16,000-lumen projector, which packed the visual display capability required for a crisp image and projection. 

Technology Solution:

  • Panasonic MZ Series Projector
  • Chief Projector Mounts
  • Nigel B Designs Anti-Vibration Mounts

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