Design and Systems Integration

Your Dream Setup Delivered

At Alive Media, we deliver highly customizable AVL design services that suit your project needs, timeline, and budget. We start with conversations to understand how you want your systems integration to go. From there, we offer estimates and engineer the technical aspects of your project. This phase includes drawing sets and layouts to prepare for the integration. Next, we include schematics, electrical considerations, detailed floor plans, and infrastructure requirements and coordinate with our trustworthy trade partners to deliver your dream setup. 

Video Systems Integration

We pride ourselves on offering customized display solutions and video systems that consistently exceed client expectations and elevate visual experiences. 

  • Broadcast
  • Display Systems
  • Control Room
  • Virtual Studio


Whether for live events, studio productions, or remote broadcasts, our team has the expertise to create video systems that deliver quality results.

Display Systems

From high-resolution LCD video walls for large venues to interactive displays for boardrooms, our solutions are built to captivate and engage audiences of all kinds. 

Control Room

Monitor and manage CCTV systems from a single location and get real-time visualization capabilities by using intuitive interfaces with our help. 

Virtual Studio

Engagement and creativity are possible across time zones and countries with virtual studios. This solution empowers immersive presentations, product launches, and more.  

Audio Systems Integration

PA Systems

Anywhere a PA system is installed, we focus on meticulous design and the right equipment for maximum clarity and coverage. That means uninterrupted communication for your most important messages. 

Distributed Audio

Zoned audio experiences are tailor-made to provide immersive soundscapes with in-ceiling or wall-mounted speakers. Expect excellence from our distributed audio capabilities that deliver amazing continuity. 

Acoustical Solutions

Sometimes, a solution emerges with a combination of approaches. Whether that’s mitigating unwanted noise, enhancing sound quality, or creating perfectly balanced acoustics in a room, we can meet the unique needs of your space.

systems integration

Theatrical and House Lighting Design and Installation

With Alive Media, transform any stage with lighting design and systems integration. Whether you need scanners, intelligent lighting, LED solutions, uplighting, or spotlighting, we can draft a design, provide equipment lists, and arrange a purchasing plan for your venue. Our team coordinates with your staff to understand your goals and provide the right products. If you’re looking for lighting solutions for a one-time event, explore our live event solutions.

Our work:

  • Broadcast
  • Display Systems
  • Control Rooms
  • PA Systems
  • Virtual Studios
  • Acoustical Solutions
  • Theatrical Lighting/ Special Effects 
  • Commercial Lighting Design
  • Lighting Installation, Trussing, and Rigging
  • Outdoor Audio

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