AV For Venues

Video Streaming

Video streaming brings a whole new world of engagement to a live event. Leveraging the latest advancements in streaming and audio-video integration, we enable clients to reach audiences in real-time for corporate conferences and concerts, educational webinars, and product launches. Livestream your message while getting the latest technology for broadcast systems and control rooms, streaming packages, CCTV systems, and virtual studios.

Audio video integration

Video Walls for Venues

Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression with an LED video wall. Whether you’re looking to light up performance spaces with dynamic visuals or grab attention with eye-catching digital signage, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of LED Video Walls
  • Unmatched Visual Brilliance 
  • Custom Solutions For Events 
  • Seamless Integration
  • Uninterrupted Visuals 

Contact us today, and let’s bring your vision to life with our audio-video integration team and the brilliance of LED technology!

Intercom Systems

Elevate your live events and venues to new heights with our cutting-edge production intercom systems. From the grandest concert stages to the most prestigious theaters, our technology empowers your crew to collaborate flawlessly behind the scenes, ensuring every moment is a masterpiece.

Benefits of Intercom Systems
  • Crystal-Clear Communication
  • Scalable and Versatile
  • Rock-Solid Reliability
  • User-Friendly Interface

Join the ranks of top event professionals who trust us to make their productions run smoothly. Elevate your event’s communication with our behind-the-scenes experts. Don’t settle for less when it comes to intercom excellence. Elevate your events with our production intercom solutions. 

Dynamic Lighting Infrastructure

At Alive Media, we’re your premier destination for theatrical lighting solutions that transform live events and venues into captivating visuals. Our passion for innovation shines through in every product, ensuring your performances connect. Experience reliability and precision with our advanced control systems and robust equipment designed for seamless operation.

Benefits of Lighting Infrastructure
  • Theatrical Effects
  • Enhanced Audience Engagement
  • Technical Capabilities

Illuminate your vision and captivate your audience like never before with Alive Media. Let your imagination take center stage!

PA Systems

At Alive Media, we’re not just about setting up speakers but about creating unforgettable auditory experiences. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large event, our expert team specializes in delivering top-notch audio solutions to make your venue come alive!

Benefits of PA Systems
  • Immersive Sound
  • Venue Enhancement
  • Better Atmosphere for Events

Don’t settle for mediocre sound. Experience the Alive Media difference. Contact us to elevate your event or venue to sonic perfection. Your audience deserves the best.

Skilled Audio-Video Integration

Get closer to your end goal with the power of advanced technology and expert AVL integration. Our unique design and build capabilities are your ticket to bringing your new-build or retrofit vision to life. Ready to say goodbye to outdated technology? Upgrade your legacy system with us, and experience a seamless transition to the future of audiovisual excellence.


Whether for live events, studio productions, or remote broadcasts, our team has the expertise to create video systems that deliver quality results.

Display Systems

From high-resolution LCD video walls for large venues to interactive displays for boardrooms, our solutions are built to captivate and engage audiences of all kinds. 

Control Room

Monitor and manage your broadcast from a single location and get real-time visualization capabilities by using intuitive interfaces with our help. 

Virtual Studio

Engagement and creativity are made possible across time zones and countries with virtual studios. This solution empowers immersive presentations, product launches, and more.  

Audio video integration

Experience crystal clear in-room audio, transforming conference spaces and corporate venues into communication hubs. Elevate your message with stunning video walls and captivating digital signage at your fingertips.

With our expertise, we bring powerful AVL platforms together, handling every intricate detail. Focus on what matters most while we do the heavy lifting, ensuring your AVL experience is extraordinary. Get ready to transform your world. 

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